How Creativity, Visioning And a Scrappy Budget Can Unlock Business Growth
June 13, 2023

So you've got a vision.

Maybe it's in the form of a big creative idea, or perhaps it's a robust media plan in a keynote, possibly a 360 marketing ecosystem sketched on the back of a napkin. You have a strong gut feeling it has game-changer potential. That's a great start!  But how do you galvanize a group of stakeholders or board members around your vision to transform the business? Therein lies the question and challenge that many of us face, and the inspiration that led to this drop.

We've had some recent success overcoming these obstacles and, if you'd humor me for a few internet minutes, I'll share some helpful techniques. I've distilled these down into three actionable components: "Time Traveling", "Picasso'ing" and "Aligning" (aka TPA… ok maybe it doesn't need an acronym). 

Let's begin with my personal favorite – Time Traveling. Pretend you've stepped into a time machine only to find yourself staring back at your vision actualized in the world 3 years later. You've sold it through and people are loving it. What would it look like? Feel like? What would people say about your awesome idea now that it's in the world? No holds barred here. It's about having fun, seeing the north star and leaning into it. From this visioning you'll be able to craft a simple script narrating this experience. But, while this may get some folks excited, it's still not tangible enough for them to rally around. You'll need to create something people will want to be a part of, which brings me to my next recommendation – "Picasso'ing".

Picasso once said “good artists borrow, great artists steal.”  I'm interpreting this as it's ok to stand on the shoulders of giants. And on a low budget, this will come in handy. With YouTube and Google image search at your fingertips what would happen if you were to create a spec video of your idea, bringing it to life as if it's already out in the world? (Internal and not consumer facing to avoid licensing issues of course). You can use any song from any artist, any video clip of the most engaging content from anywhere in the world – if that's not an unfair advantage, I'm not sure what is. In my experience, this creates a tangible vision that evokes a visceral reaction from people. They start to see it as a real possibility. Bingo!

The final step is to make sure your idea is aligned with your partner's overarching business objectives – incorporate a few outcomes into your story that show how your proposal will tangibly drive business success.  If you don't know, ask a strategist from your organization. We've found that the best way of doing this is to model out the impact of a creative vision and bottom line deliverables in real dollars and cents, but it can also be articulated through more illustrative techniques that showcase how you'll win over the hearts and minds of your target consumer at large.

If you've made it this far down the page, I'm excited for your journey. Be scrappy, think big and have fun. Or, ring us up and we'll do it with you! 🙂

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Taua Baccarin


Creative Director